July 25, 2013

HOWDY COMICS FANS! I’m just finishing up sending out the last of the print fundraiser pre-orders, SO-O-O I’ve gone ahead and put the book up for general sale on my online store!

TO REITERATE: Each book is 240 pages, with full color interiors that replicate the original look of the comic on my website. This is the entire story, not like Volume 1 or anything, and the overwhelming feedback I’ve gotten so far is that it works a lot better as a single printed thing. Also included are sketches, location references, and a guest gallery. IF YOU BUY NOW, you’ll get a limited-edition art card with a guest piece by numbersstation with your book. (I don’t have many of these cards left, though, so when I say “buy now” I mean buy NOW!)

IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THE STORY IS ABOUT: Deer kid tries to rehabilitate ex-god to save injured dad. When I was in school we were taught that good comic story pitches should be ten words or less, so there you go.

IF YOU’RE UNSURE OF WHERE THE MONEY IS GOING: Right now ALL the money I make off this is going towards our Seattle move (see my last post for more info). I’m really super eager to get my books out there AND to earn enough money for this move, so even if you bought a book already or can’t buy one right now, please spread the word around that these are available! I KNOW I WILL BE.

Anyhoo, I have to head to my day job. IN CONCLUSION: I busted my butt on this book for five years and it looks as good as I could’ve ever imagined (minus the cloth binding with foil trim and holographic pop-out interiors, but whatever).




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    Oh, you are so getting saved for later!
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    I have a copy of this and if you are thinking of buying a comic you should think about this one IT’S REALLY GOOD
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    Epiphany is quality comiculature, you guys.
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    NOW IS A FANTASTIC TIME TO REMIND YOU ABOUT THIS: all of the money from book sales right now will go towards our Seattle...
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    I got mine a few days back with a sketch of Eli/signed and torally forgot I pledged enough to be in the mentions in the...
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