May 5, 2012

HEYYY FREE COMICS YOWZA! I’ll stick up a new Epiphany page in a couple days— right now I need to focus on putting everything away in our new apartment. I CAN give you some other freebie comics, though!

Here’s NAUGHTY LIST, a comic I did for a horror anthology last year. I didn’t write it, but I did draw it.I never heard back from the editor once I sent the files, so I’m going to assume the printing press exploded or something and it’s okay to post here. 

Also, here are some storyboards I did as a final project for Advanced Storyboarding class around this time last year. We had to do a two-vehicle chase scene in downtown Savannah, so I picked two vehicles that I think characterize the city best (and are the dumbest to use for a chase scene). I know storyboards aren’t exactly comics, bu-u-ut good enough.

Finally, PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL COMIC BOOK STORE. Ask for my book there, and then laugh at them haughtily when they say they don’t have it. Then go online and buy it from my online store, right in front of their faces, while still laughing haughtily. They’ll get the message.

EDIT: Fixed links.